This is Spike, a character from an anime almost nobody has seen called Eden's Bowy. It's quite a strange series, of a genre I can only describe as "kitchen sink." It has gods, cyborgs, floating cities, and just about anything else you can imagine. There were quite a number of series like it made in the late 1990's, shows where (often pretentious) ideas and comedy combined in an odd brew.

Like most shows of its kind, Eden's Bowy doesn't make a lot of sense. The story changes direction constantly, to the point of feeling like it could really use some Adderall. Still, it has its moments, and if you're willing to ride along it can be fairly entertaining.

There are certain shows that feel like missed opportunities because they take the easy path. For me, Last Exile and Eden's Bowy are two such shows. They both pass up some obviously interesting story paths in favor of familiar anime cliches.

Even given its weaknesses, I enjoyed Eden's Bowy and I'll probably watch it again someday. It's a worthwhile "deep track" if you're looking for something that isn't a harem comedy or a ninja snorefest.

I like Eden's Bowy's character designs, though they're quite mutually inconsistent. I'm especially taken with Spike's character design -- I always wonder why so few anime characters have patterns on their skins (beyond the obvious cost of drawing such patterns).

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