This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of cel-related sites; instead it's a collection of links to sites I like and visit often. Quality rather than quantity! Hopefully it will grow with time.

  Cel Dealers

Cel Dealers

AdvanceAgent Friendly, professional cel dealer, a good source for Dragonball cels.
Anime iland Japanese site carries cels from a wide variety of series.
Anime-Taro This Japanese cel site is justifiably one of the most popular on the Net. I've gotten some awesome cels from Anime-Taro --- Highly recommended!
AnimeGame My favorite cel dealer: I always like nearly every cel on the site. Fast, friendly service, highly recommended!
Asylum Anime Carries a huge variety of anime merchandise (dolls, snacks, models, posters, games, etc.) in addition to an excellent selection of cels. Often very busy, so be patient if it takes a while to get an e-mail response.
Celga There are often great cels on Yahoo Japan, a Japanese auction system similar to eBay. Celga is a service that lets you bid on these cels. They place the bid for you and handle all the interaction with the seller. Highly recommended!
CelWorld I've gotten some terrific Cowboy Bebop cels from this Japanese shop. Carries a wide variety of cels and other anime merchandise.
Hobby Shop K Friendly Japanese dealer with a small but choice inventory.
Mandarake Japan The parent company for Mandarake LA, this Japanese dealer stocks all kinds of anime goods including cels. Mandarake now has an English-language shopping site and staff that cater to overseas customers -- check it out!
Mandarake LA An American outpost of a Japanese chain. They often have spectacular cels (though at premium prices), especially when they get a delivery from the mothership in Japan.


AHWW AHWW is in Japanese and very disorganized, but if you click on enough things you'll see some incredible Dragonball cels.
Another Cel Junkie Amazing group of Rurouni Kenshin cels, especially of Ken himself. Though this gallery has Dragonball and Gundam Wing cels, the real attraction is the unparalleled collection of OVA Kenshin cels. Don't miss it!
Chandra's Animation Cel Gallery Very nice collection of Mononoke Hime cels.
ISL Excellent collection of Hunter x Hunter cels, along with several other series. I especially like the backgrounds on ISL's HxH collection, many of them matching.
Ryo's Gallery Spectacular collection of Dragonball cels, especially Goku.
SaiyanWolf Fan of Yuu Yuu Hakosho? Run, don't walk to SaiyanWolf's gallery! Also has many cels of a certain ill-tempered Saiyan whose name is never uttered on this site.


CheckNGet Powerful utility that monitors web sites and lets you know when they've been updated. Great for watching friends' galleries, dealer sites, etc.
Image Carousel Build a screen saver from your scanned cels!
Photoshop The only image editor you'll ever need. Expensive and worth it.
ScanMaker 9600XL Highly recommended for the anime cel collector: this Microtek scanner has a 12 by 17 inch scanning area that can accomodate even large cels in one pass. No more "pasting together" pan cels!
UltraEdit Quick and extremely powerful text editor, great for creating dynamic Web pages using PHP, ASP, JSP, and other technologies.