Not for sale

I'm sorry, but none of the cels on this site are for sale at the moment. I'm a cel collector, not a cel dealer: my goal is to always have more and better cels tomorrow than today!

I love to buy cels, and I am willing to pay top prices for cels that appeal to me, "PayPal on the barrelhead." I also trade cels from time to time, especially to get something I really want. If you have a cel you think I might be interested in, or if you'd like to propose a trade, please send me email.

Wish List

Looking at my gallery will give you a good idea of the kinds of cels I like. Generally I prefer cels where the character is happy, and I love comical and distorted cels. I place much more value on the character's expression, body language, and "trueness to himself or herself" than on things like whether or not a cel is super-rare, OP, key, end, or whatever.

Here's a general idea of what I'm looking for:

  • Mononoke Hime. My first and one true love in anime. I am always looking to buy MH cels, even expensive ones, and I will trade nearly anything else to get them. Allow me to reiterate that none of my Mononoke cels are for sale or trade under any circumstances.
  • Inuyasha. Inuyasha has become a real favorite of mine, in fact it's the series I am collecting the most at the moment. Though I like all the main characters, I am especially looking for cels of Inuyasha himself that are different from what I have. In particular, I am highly interested in cels where Inuyasha is not wearing his standard red outfit and/or his generic disgusted expression. For example, like most IY collectors, I'd love to get a cel of Youkai Inuyasha (with red eyes). I now have a couple of human-form Inuyasha cels but more would be welcome.
    Right at the moment I'm on a major quest for Hiten cels. Hiten is a villain from fairly early in the series, and I love his character design and his snarky personality. His costume is amazingly complex and detailed for an anime character. I'm especially eager to find cels where his "flying wheels" and lightning spear are visible.
    I am also extremely interested in high-quality cels of Naraku, the main villain. Good Naraku cels are almost impossible to find, alas, but I'm still searching. My dream cel would be of Naraku wearing his elegant kimono and talking with Kohaku. I could probably be tempted by almost any good image of Naraku wearing one of his fancy outfits (not his baboon-skin disguise) as long as he's fairly large on the cel.
  • Faye. My favorite anime character outside MH. I am firmly convinced that no man can have too many Faye Valentine cels. That said, I now have quite a number of Faye cels, so I am more picky than I once might have been.
  • Future Trunks. My favorite Saiyan, though it's a very close call. I'm constantly scouring the planet for Future Trunks cels, especially in his non-Super-Saiyan mode. I occasionally grab an SSJ Trunks cel, but for me non-SSJ is the purple-haired cat's meow. I have become more discriminating about Trunks cels of late, since I have a pretty good selection, but I still consider myself a Trunks collector.
  • Goku. I can't help it, I love the big goofball (in a totally platonic way ). He may not be too bright, but he makes me laugh. I have lots of Gokus, as you can see from the gallery, so now I'm mostly looking for special, out-of-the-ordinary Son Goku cels, especially SSJ3's.
  • Harmless Looking Villains. I have a terrible weakness for villains that conceal souls of pure evil behind benign facades. Of course the ultimate HLV is Rurouni Kenshin's Seta Sojiro, and I live in hope of finding cels of the little fiend, but he's incredibly rare, even if you're willing to pay steep prices, which I certainly am. Other favorite HLVs include Suzaku from Yuu Yuu Hakusho and the Androids from Dragonball Z.
  • Killua. Killua is my favorite Hunter x Hunter character. I've got quite a few Killua cels now but I would still be interested in more, as long as they're different from what I have. As noted below, I'm most interested in cels where Killua's head is not cut off by the edge of the frame, and I prize cels with matching backgrounds.

Beyond the list above I am always interested in cels from the series I collect, which you can see in the gallery.

UnWish List

Though I have been known to make exceptions, I almost never buy "special effects" cels (except for "airbrushed" Dragonball cels). I strongly prefer cels where the character's hair is not cut off (especially for characters where the hair is a major feature, like SSJ3 Goku). Also, I almost always abhor cels where the character's head is cut off by the edge of the frame or (even worse) "melted" -- this makes the character look like he or she has some horrible disease. Killua is about the only exception I make to the latter rule, mostly because so many Killua cels are melted.

Like most collectors I prefer cels where the character's eyes are open, unless he or she is asleep or dead. I try not to buy cels with closed eyes but it does happen sometimes, especially if the character is hard to find. Seta Sojiro, for example, is exempt from the rule.

What I don't want:

  • Vegeta. I won't have any cels containing this obnoxious Saiyan in the house.

A short list, but very necessary!